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If you support our mission statement and want to contribute to the development of the digital Euro, we invite you to join our community.

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Applying as a fellow is free and does not require that you have prior knowledge of digital money. You will be listed as a fellow on our website and will be invited to members-only events. You will also be added to our Whatsapp group.

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If you apply for expert membership, you will need to provide proof of two projects regarding the digital euro, digital money or related topics. These projects may be publications, webinars, lectures, events etc. You can choose to upload the files or provide the URL's to your projects.

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Bronze Membership
All Lite membership benefits (excl. voting rights)
Logo placement on website and marketing material
Mention partner during every event moderation
HR matchmaking (once a year)
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Exclusive “sponsored by” branding
Monthly HR matchmaking
Promotion as thought-leader among DEA media partners / network
Predominant placement on website and mention during event moderation
Appearance as co-host / speaker at least for exclusive corporate events, e.g. online panel, fireside chats
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All Bronze membership benefits
Appearance as a speaker at 2 online events
Dominant mention during event moderation
HR matchmaking (quarterly)
Participate in roundtable discussions with DEA Core Team and DEA experts
Institutional Membership Options

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DEA Membership Questions

What is the goal of the Digital Euro Association?

The Digital Euro Association (DEA) aims to shape digital money in a socio-economically desirable way by providing design recommendations towards the European Central Bank (ECB), exploring the macro- and microeconomic effects for stakeholders (i.e., consumers, private industry merchants, (central) banks) and bringing together those in charge of introducing different forms of a digital euro (i.e., bankers, politicians, regulators, private digital money issuers). Thus, we seek to shape the public dialogue and advance the discourse on various aspects in the field of the digital euro, while being committed to independence and the highest academic standards and creating a network and platform for experts to converse through.

Why should I support the Digital Euro Association?

The DEA as a think tank offers valuable information, education and insights on a multidisciplinary level, regarding topics such as regulation and law, economics, technology, industry and geopolitics. Amongst the most important advantages of supporting the DEA are access to the DEA network, participation in educational efforts (e.g., the DEA working groups) and the opportunity to contribute publications in the field of the digital euro. The shared interest of the DEA community members in the topic of digital money is valuable for individuals and companies or institutions alike that desire to grow their thought leadership, outreach and network.

How can I support the Digital Euro Association as an individual?

The best way of supporting the DEA is to become a part of the DEA community by applying as a DEA fellow or expert. This way, you can be actively engaged in discussions on the digital euro. This can be done, for example, through participation in our DEA webinars or working groups, exchange with other DEA community experts and publishing articles via our DEA blog. If you want to stay up to date with news related to CBDCs and stablecoins, you can subscribe to the DEA newsletter and subscribe to the Digital Euro Podcast. Also, consider following us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Medium.

Is participating in the DEA for free?

Participating in the DEA community, in our events, working groups, receiving job openings in the digital money space, disseminating relevant research done on the topics of stablecoins and CBDCs or subscribing to any of our channels (i.e., YouTube, Podigee, Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcast, LinkedIn, Twitter, newsletter) as an individual is completely free of charge. Should you want to become an institutional member of the Digital Euro Association, please see more information on our website.

How can I support the Digital Euro Association as a company or institution?

Companies and institutions can also become a part of the DEA community by applying for a DEA Lite Membership or a DEA Standard (Supporting) Membership. Both options provide an array of benefits. Aside from offering full access to the DEA network, members-only events, members-only WhatsApp group and participation in the DEA working groups, the DEA Lite Membership also provides a company or institution with a logo placement on our website, voting rights during the annual general assembly and the introduction to media partners. The DEA Standard (Supporting) Membership provides you with further benefits - e.g., predominant branding on various channels, recognition as thought leaders in the field, exclusive corporate events with speaker/co-host slots, HR benefits, appearance on the Digital Euro Podcast and many more. For a full list of all benefits, check out our DEA Pitch Deck. To discuss details of an institutional membership, we would be thrilled to schedule a call with you.

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