Digital Euro Association

Public Affairs

The DEA supports and advises policy and law-making at European institutions on a regular basis and is an association formed of industry players, academia and individuals. As an objective, the DEA is dedicated to advance values such as usability, transparency and privacy in digital money.

Engagement with Policy-Makers

The DEA engages with European government bodies, legislators, and regulatory authorities to represent our community interests and influence the development of policies supporting the growth and adoption of the digital euro.

Knowledge Sharing

The DEA is a regular contributor to various hearings and pivotal discussion rounds such as those hosted by the European Economic and Social Committee, European Central Bank, and European Data Privacy Supervisor, focused on CBDCs.

Advisory & Commentary

The DEA advises political institutions on CBDCs and Stablecoins, supports in the decision-making process and issues commentary on current developments such as the digital euro legal proposal and other crucial topics related to digital money.

Exemplary Engagements

Appointed Member for Public Hearing of the German Bundestag

The DEA has been appointed as an expert for the public hearing in the Finance Committee of the German Bundestag. This pertains to the following topics:

  • The subject of the "Digital Euro"
  • The motion by the CDU/CSU Parliamentary Group to "Make the vote on the digital euro binding in the Bundestag" (Drs. 20/9133)
  • The proposal by the AfD Parliamentary Group to "Preserve cash as the only legal tender and prevent surveillance of citizens through digital central bank money" (Drs. 20/9144)

The DEA has taken this opportunity to influence the trajectory of digital currency legislation and implementation in Germany, directly impacting the future of digital money. In the process, DEA lite and supporting members were granted the opportunity to contribute their expertise or opinions on these significant topics previous to the hearing.


Bringing Together Industry, Legislation and Politics

To facilitate interdisciplinary exchange amongst companies, legislators and politicians, we offer various formats to drive the discussion on digital money-related topics forward. The Digital Euro Conference in Frankfurt, the DEA Working Groups that regularly produce commentary, risk, and potential assessments on relevant topics, attended by professionals and online discussion forums on the newest developments are examples of the types of platforms that we create for exchange.

Dirk Schrade

Roundtable Attendance & Organization

The DEA regularly attends and hosts roundtables with policy- and decision makers such as the Blockchain Roundtable by the German Liberal Party in the National Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany "Digital Euro: Effects on Monetary Policy, Economy and Society" with the Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Financial (Dr. Florian Toncar) & Frank Schäffler (Member of the German Parliament). The DEA roundtables are an exclusive discussion forum and are attended by selected DEA partners, key policy and financial decision-makers, and external financial sector experts.


Active Exchange with Government Bodies

The DEA engages with the German Ministry of Finance (Bundesministerium der Finanzen) in discussions about the future of digital money. The key points of discussion included: presenting the DEA’s perspective and expertise, exploring the possibilities of a well-designed digital euro, and presenting insights for the digital euro legislative proposal. 

Finanzministerium Picture

Advisory & Commentary on Pressing Questions

The DEA engages with the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority of Germany (BaFin) in discussions about the legislation regarding digital money in the eurozone and adjacent topics such as digital identities in this context. The DEA Working Groups has produced commentary on the proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the establishment of the digital euro.


Knowledge Sharing in Public Hearings

The DEA actively participates in public hearings such as the public hearing entitled "A Digital Euro: Challenges and Opportunities" by the European Economic and Social Committee bringing together experts from around Europe to discuss the institutional considerations of introducing a digital euro, as well as its function in an inclusive, digital and sustainable economy.


CBDC Manifesto: Design Recommendations for a retail CBDC

On October 12th, the Digital Euro Association (DEA) and the CBDC Think Tank (CBDC TT) announced the CBDC Manifesto at the CBDC Summit 2022 in Washington D.C. The document was developed by the DEA, the CBDC TT, and world-leading CBDC experts. Given the critical role of CBDC in the payments space and its potential impacts on other parts of the economy, the CBDC Manifesto proposes 5 major CBDC design recommendations, which can be used as a roadmap by central banks to devise an optimal CBDC development plan. The CBDC Manifesto is supported by individuals and organizations across the globe, who are in favor of a citizen-centric solution.