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With the continuous momentum that digital forms of money are gaining around the world, educational efforts about its key concepts are not keeping pace, resulting in staggered discussions about different aspects of CBDCs, stablecoins and other forms of digital money, leading to rising levels of uncertainty. The Digital Money Academy moves the needle in this matter in a positive direction.

Digital Money Academies on Stablecoins in 2024

Digital Money Academy on Stablecoins


The Digital Money Academy on Stablecoins aims at educating the general public, financial sector experts, policy-makers, and consultants. Topics covered include the foundation of stablecoins, the different forms of stablecoins, their use cases, how the current stablecoin market looks like, whether stablecoin regulation is needed, and how stablecoin regulation is currently conducted.

These aspects are discussed by industry experts involved in the design, deployment, oversight and general discussions around stablecoins. The format allows for lectures of sufficient depth to gain a general understanding of stablecoins and their impact on the future of digital money.

Course Outline

DMA Course Outlines (2)
“The most valuable aspect for me was the presentation by one of the leaders in the stablecoin industry, Circle. I gained insights into their perspective on stablecoin developments and learned about their future plans. I particularly valued the dedicated time allocated for interactive discussions.”
Vid Hribar Foto
Vid Hribar

Raiffeisen Bank International, Blockchain Hub

“Covering design principles, regulatory frameworks, and the transformative impact of CBDCs and stablecoins, the training not only broadened my knowledge but also positioned me at the forefront of the rapidly advancing digital finance domain.”
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Abdulmumeen Lawal

Rutger University

Level: Introductory
Subject: Stablecoins
Prerequisites: None
Language: English
Format: 5h Online Class with Access to Recordings Post DMA
Associated Skills: Stablecoins, Blockchain Technology, Use Cases, Regulation, Payment Systems, Stablecoins Worldwide, EURC


Marc Anders

Module: Introduction to Stablecoins

Marc Anders is a Business Engineer and Research Associate at the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center (FSBC), where he leads the NFT Talents Mentoring Program, among other things. Before entering the blockchain sector he gained experience in business planning and development in the automotive industry and research and data analysis for renewable energy. He researches and lectures in the web3 ecosystem including DeFi, DApps, DAOs, and NFTs but is also interested in the industrial application of DLT & blockchains.


Conrad Kraft

Module: Current Stablecoin Landscape Worldwide

Conrad Kraft is a Strategic Advisor at the Digital Euro Association and oversees its many working groups. He holds a master’s degree in Digital Currencies and Blockchain from the University of Nicosia and has undertaken research in the areas of DLT, Stablecoins, CBDCs, and the use of exponential technologies in the public sector.

Conrad Kraft

Alireza Siadat

Module: Stablecoin Regulation Worldwide

Alireza Siadat, M.J.I., is a distinguished Partner at Annerton, a law firm specialized in regulatory law within the financial sector. His expertise lies in banking regulations, compliance, market entry, and the intricate regulatory framework of digital assets. He's adept at advising banks, crypto exchanges, and digital asset custodians on regulatory and licensing matters.

Beyond Annerton, Alireza holds several advisory roles, including at BFG Blockchain Founders Group AG, focusing on blockchain startups and digital assets. He also co-publishes for Wolters Kluwer's legal journal on the digital economy, specifically overseeing the Digital Finance and E-Commerce sections. Recognized as a co-founder of the Luxembourg-based thinkBlocktank a.s.b.l. and a board member of the European Commission's Blockchain Association, INATBA, and several other crypto firms, Alireza Siadat remains a central figure in the realm of digital finance and regulatory law.

Alireza Hubspot

Patrick Hansen

Module: Use Cases for Stablecoins & EURC

Patrick Hansen is Director, EU Strategy & Policy at Circle, a global financial technology firm that enables businesses of all sizes to harness the power of digital currencies and public blockchains for payments, commerce, and financial applications worldwide. Circle is powering always-on, internet-native commerce, payments, and custody and is the issuer of USD Coin (USDC) and Euro Coin (EURC). Prior to that, Patrick was head of strategy & business development at crypto-wallet startup Unstoppable Finance and head of blockchain policy at Bitkom, Europe’s largest tech trade association. Patrick holds master degrees in business and political science.

Patrick Hansen Hubspot

Jón Gunnar Ólafsson

Module: Monerium Stablecoin & Business Model

Jón Gunnar Ólafsson is the legal counsel at Monerium. Having been with the organization from the start as their first employee, he led their EMI application with the Central Bank of Iceland, which was granted in 2019, becoming the first EMI authorized to issue e-money on blockchain networks. Jón graduated with a Mag. Jur degree in Law from the University of Iceland in 2016, and has been heavily involved in the blockchain ecosystem ever since.


Jón Egilsson

Module: Monerium Stablecoin & Business Model

Jon is a co-founder and the chairman of Monerium. Prior to this, he served as the vice chairman and chairman of the Icelandic Central Bank's supervisory board from 2013 to 2017. Jon has been involved in the crypto space since 2012. Back then he developed a model to estimate the power consumption and profitability of mining Bitcoin. When Ethereum launched soon after, he recognized its potential to revolutionize finance and co-founded Monerium following six months of research. Jon has taught financial engineering at several Icelandic universities and was a visiting scholar at Columbia University where he also lectured MBA courses. Fun fact: Jon wrote the all time most read paper on “Journal of Applied Economics”.


Robert Kopitsch

Module: Stablecoin Regulation in the EU

Robert Kopitsch is the Head of Financial Services & Fintech Practice EMEA at APCO Worldwide – a strategic advisory and public affairs consultancy. He is the Co-Founder & Secretary General of Blockchain for Europe – an industry-led organization focusing on blockchain technology, based in Brussels.

RK Profile Pic Hi-Res

Stefan Kromolicki

Module: Stablecoin Regulation in the EU

Stefan Kromolicki is a Consultant at APCO Worldwide and Legal Officer at Blockchain for Europe Association. He specializes in the regulation of new technologies like blockchain or artificial Intelligence, particularly in the context of financial services. Before joining the private sector, he worked at the European Central Bank as a Market Infrastructure Specialist and Supervision Analyst. He holds a Master of Laws in European Banking and Financial Law from Stockholm University and a Bachelor of Laws from Maastricht University.



Gregory Klumov

Module: Use Cases for Stablecoins &EURS Stablecoin

Gregory Klumov is a seasoned alternative asset management specialist with over two decades of experience in business multi-strategies, venture capital funding, and a keen focus on Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and E-money 2.0. Starting his entrepreneurial journey at 15 in IT, he later moved into finance and management, eventually pioneering the stablecoin sector of cryptocurrency field. He founded STASIS, a European fintech firm that issues EURS, the largest euro-backed stablecoin, bridging traditional finance and global digital asset markets. Additionally, he advised Maltese and European government task forces on blockchain-friendly legislation and authored two editions of the Digital Asset Regulation Book. A recognized stablecoin expert, Klumov frequently contributes to major publications and speaks at prestigious financial and technology forums.

Gregory head
DMA on Stablecoins 1
DMA on Stablecoins 2
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10-15 CET
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After this one day Digital Money Academy, you will be able to

  • Understand and explain different kinds of stablecoins, their architecture and their specific use cases
  • Understand the progress, trends and developments in stablecoins
  • Identify and evaluate potentials, risks of stablecoin regulation in different jurisdictions
  • Identify and evaluate value propositions of stablecoins as compared to other forms of digital money
  • Assess the impact of stablecoins on the financial sector and financial market of the future
  • Identify sources and strategies that support the students to stay up to date with the newest stablecoin developments
  • Employees, executives and decision-makers from the financial sector, capital market industry, macroeconomics, geopolitics and management with a particular interest in digital money, specifically stablecoins

  • Researchers and scholars from academia in the fields of Programmers and engineers interested in stablecoins as a development platform

  • Associates and analysts from investment banks and consulting firms (national and international departments)

  • Employees of startups with digital business models

  • Consultants with a focus on digital currency

  • Other groups of people with an interest in capital markets, crypto assets, technology, and digitization

  • Get up to speed with cutting-edge stablecoin knowledge from a technological, economical, political, and social standpoint within a day

  • Be guided through a comprehensive learning path

  • Learn from experienced industry experts that are  involved in the design, deployment and research of stablecoins on a daily basis - in theory and in practice

  • Take advantage of the interactive nature of the course

  • Benefit from networking opportunities with the lecturers and participants from relevant backgrounds

  • Garner knowledge from leveraging the broad network of experts and community within the DEA network during the academy and beyond

Join us and influence the future of money