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What is the goal of the Digital Euro Association (DEA)?

The Digital Euro Association (DEA) is committed to independence in aggregating and amplifying the views of society and the furtherance of the public good through knowledge exchange, encouraging new ideas, and forward-thinking in the field of digital money. The DEA is the independent voice of citizens regarding digital money-related topics. Partnerships and collaborations are in no way an endorsement of Member ideologies, products and services, nor political regimes.

Why should I support the Digital Euro Association as an individual?

The DEA develops and curates valuable insights related to digital money. Amongst the most important advantages of supporting the DEA is access to this information and to our multidisciplinary community with the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals around the topic of digital money.

How can I support the Digital Euro Association?

The best way of supporting the DEA is to become a part of the DEA community as a Fellow or Expert and be actively engaged in discussions on the digital euro. This can be done for example through participation in our DEA webinars, exchange with other DEA community experts and publishing articles via our DEA blog. If you want to stay up to date, feel free to subscribe to our DEA newsletter.


What are the advantages of a programmable Euro?

The main advantage of a programmable euro is that payment flows can be made "programmable". This programmability promises high automation potential for all types of payments. In addition, payments in the programmable euro can be processed more quickly, as the use of DLT implies that a majority of intermediaries are no longer required and delivery versus payments can be processed on one platform. The decentralized storage of transaction data also makes the system more resilient, making a system failure less likely.

Do I have to pay a fee to participate in the DEA ?

No. Participating in the DEA community as an individual is free of charge.
Should you want to become an institutional supporting member of the Digital Euro Association, please see more information here or alternatively complete this form.

Are your working groups independent?

All working group participants contribute to our working groups in their personal capacity and not as representative of their organizations.

All working group publications also undergo a strict review process to ensure unbiased research, which is of tremendous importance for the DEA. For all DEA working group outputs, there is no specific funding received – outputs are thus independent and solely driven by the foci of the working groups.

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